PAT Testing services in Glamis, Forfar

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PAT Testing services in Glamis, Forfar

At MAK, we carry out professional electrical testing and inspections on electrical circuits and appliances in the properties throughout Angus. All of our team are fully trained and have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of the electrical trade. This makes us not only a great choice when it comes down to the inspection of your electrical circuits. It is our job to test and inspect for any damages to your electrical wiring, circuits, and appliances, to carry out any necessary repair work. Our inspections allow us to keep your home electricals in a safe condition, keeping your property and your family inside of it, safe in a hazard-free environment.

It is not always easy to know if your electricals require inspecting or testing. However, checking the condition of your electrical wires is crucial in preventing safety hazards and costly damages. With this, we advise all customers to undergo regular inspection and ask you to look out for the following signs that could be onset by an electrical issue.

Some of these signs include:

  • Dim lights
  • Flickering lights
  • Frequent circuit tripping
  • Hot outlets
  • Sparking from outlets
  • Burning smell from outlets
  • Buzzing sound from outlets
  • Defective plug sockets
  • And many more!

Our testing and inspection services are known as PAT testings and Periodic inspections. PAT testing allows us to assess the condition of all portable appliances to check they are working to the correct safety requirements. Periodic inspections involve a thorough examination of the wiring in your electrical circuits, appliances and devices, where we look for any signs of wear and tear or potential damage. This allows us to make sure your electricals adhere to the current regulations and are up and running safely. Once complete, we provide a full report, listing what we have found, and if there are any damages, the process of repair. Once the repair work is done, you can be left feeling confident that your home is an electrical hazard-free environment until the next testing.

We advise all commercial businesses to undergo PAT testing every 2-4 years! This is due to the high frequency of appliance use, as most appliances are used multiple times each day in the workplace. This is often a requirement for insurance policies, which ensures the safety of staff and visitors.

We also advise commercial businesses to undergo a periodic inspection between 1-5 years, with no more than five years in between. For domestic properties, we suggest a gap of between 5-10 years. This prevents extreme damage from taking place, along with the possibility of costly repair work.

If you are looking for a team of fully trained engineers to assist you with the inspection and testing of your property electrics, look no further than our trustworthy team at MAK Electrical Contractors in Angus! Why not give us a quick call today on 07795626472 for a no-obligation quote, or to talk to a member of our team regarding anything else!

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PAT Testing services in Glamis, Forfar